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“Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society”

Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO

How fool I have been to be fooled by someone whose disloyalty to the world was so apparent and yet I believed her with hope that I will meet with preferential and dedicated fate. Everyone used to utter senses which I considered as nonsense. I was the most intelligent and understanding person in this world. I only understood the life and person and others were simply ignorant of truth and even if they knew they did not have common sense to understand the way I have been looking at the things. My mom always used to say that nature and signature of a person never changes. Perhaps, we get so obsessed by our belief that we tend to give a pervasive action for everything beneath the blue world.

Sometimes the vi...

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Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society By DEO

I can never misunderstand you. I even did not misunderstand you when people used to blabber anything against you like your habit of playing with hearts and enjoying yourself. I always believed you and respected you the way I have been doing it when I first met you or when you first proposed me. You have always been someone very special to me and you will always remain so. It is just that we came to such juncture of life with reasons, perhaps I will never make out in my life.

As far as my life is concerned, I have told you many times that I am not someone who does anything superficially. I do everything from the bottom of my heart. In this case, I have already gone too far...

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“Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society“

Extract from the book Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society By DEO

I do not know what you have been thinking all these days about me or our association but let me tell you my side of the story. Unless I am clear here, I do not think you will be able to get my point. Perhaps, you will understand as I am being very straight and honest. It is up to you whether you take it sportingly.

Since our college days, we have been very close and in regular conversation. I do not shy away from the fact that I was not on the brighter side of academics then but still we lived together. Past college days, we continued to communicate in the same zeal which turned out to somehow match our common goal...

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Best line by a sister, “My sister-in-law should be very beautiful. That’s all. I know that rest everything will be managed by my brother”.

Nation like ours gives us a feel and exposure of varied culture, different thinking, unique beliefs and most uniquely every belief has some meaning at one segment but extremely different at other. Whatever might be the difference of belief and opinions but the bond of blood relation is what distinguishes us and identifies us. Every now and then we could witness the strong affinity and affection. Perhaps, this is how our society is bound and held together.

Recently I have been to one of my pals place and was extremely touched by the sense of affection prevailing over there. I could see the siblings of the family very dedicated to each other. They could do anything for each other. There was no sense of you and I...

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