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Endeavor of HazirJawab to Add to the Empowering of Education in Capacity Building

HazirJawab puts its noble steps forwards towards fresh concept for empowerment and liberation of pupils with freedom of expression and interest based knowledge acquisition. Pupils are open to the pool of experts of wide verticals wherein they are free to ask on any subject and the experts will get back to them with their fitting response. They will have access to a battery of fresh concepts as well as innovative and effective discussion thread.

HazirJawab introduces perception of creative and analytical approach to understanding. Research and hypothetic advances will be instilled to empower its users with a thinking brain with responsible and conscious approach. Technical as well as non technical training will be at your finger tips...

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Consulting and Counseling Mobile App

HazirJawab puts a stepping stone in the segment of consulting and counseling with personalized experience. Now, one does not need to ponder over pretty matters and bang the heads rather can have expert opinion just at finger tap. HazirJawab is a single integrated platform to cater to all queries and concerns vide opinions and solutions from discrete quarters which will enable you to maximize your efficiency whether in personal capacity or in professional in any sort of planning and its execution. One doesn’t need to invest anything apart from free time wherein an alternate outlook always pops up.

HazirJawab is equally useful in personal capacity as well as any entity wise whether small or big wherein one can pass on their burden to the platform and take a deep breath...

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HazirJawab: Question Answer Application

hzHazirJawab application introduces one to the online consulting and counseling era where all personalized information including consultations, suggestions, tips, guidance, projects of all sorts, works, assignments, planning, design etc. are available at your single finger tab irrespective of location and time. You have access to all experts, consultants, guides, counselors etc. of varied domain befitting your all requirements.

·  If you come across any sixes and seven, tab to HazirJawab and get suitable guidance.

·  If you find your work extremely extraneous, tab to HazirJawab to get perfect assistance.

·  If you are looking for a different opinion on your views, HazirJawab is always present with varied opinion of its experts.

·  If you have come across a herculean task, you need not ...

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