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Accidental Chance and Reaction

Life usually remains very hectic throughout the day and even if we need some groceries or vegetables, we prefer post office hour and a super-mall so that we might not have to spend much time looking for things here and there, from stores to stores and rather get everything a single store as we have to rush back to our home for other activities which definitely is not productive. We have grown so busy that we hardly make time for other social activities.

Same is the case with almost every metropolitan citizen who has plenty of time for television and smart phones but not a single minute for neighbors. As usual and being with mass culture, I too rushed to the super-mall on our way to home from office in order to finish off the routine purchase on the way...

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The real problem of plenty – Information

The more we get informed, the more we unearth the facts. However, most notable point to make is, do we have time for information assimilation or rather do we have intent to look after facts? Someway down the informatics graph, we very often realize that our problems are not what we have been longing the solutions for as it comes out to be a mere mirage where the more we look for solutions, the more problem keeps running away from our reach or rather the problem resurfaces with new challenges. On our endeavor to understand, ask questions on every possibility and analyze the facts and details, we very often witness that we have been chasing the wrong ones. This is where our most virtuous intellect turns into a fool’s paradise where solutions are in plenty but the real problems are in scarce...

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The dearth of quality is hurting very badly

Every industry is surging to boom ahead but for the lack of quality in their segment, they are yet to catch up with the best in the business. A new and emerging venture with adventurous CEO who has great vision mobilizes the quality resources into their pool of talents leading the business to prosper with quality. However, most of the emerging industries are lacking quality in their talent pool which lead some to premature death while the others are plagued by slow or virtually no progress and even if they somehow manage progress, the dearth of quality is pegging them always.

Recently, I came across a colleague who was very extrovert and outspoken. She used to carry herself beautifully although the basic factor i.e...

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