The real problem of plenty – Information

The more we get informed, the more we unearth the facts. However, most notable point to make is, do we have time for information assimilation or rather do we have intent to look after facts? Someway down the informatics graph, we very often realize that our problems are not what we have been longing the solutions for as it comes out to be a mere mirage where the more we look for solutions, the more problem keeps running away from our reach or rather the problem resurfaces with new challenges. On our endeavor to understand, ask questions on every possibility and analyze the facts and details, we very often witness that we have been chasing the wrong ones. This is where our most virtuous intellect turns into a fool’s paradise where solutions are in plenty but the real problems are in scarce...

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Sustaining the Market Turmoil

Indian economy has witnessed a steady pace with its GDP growth rate constantly progressing at healthy rate for a few years. Suddenly people opted for a change in Government which proved a master stroke as the GDP growth rate peaked. There were a motion of growth and progress everywhere. Government started promoting start ups and innovation by launching various schemes and facilities. Suddenly there was a revolution of growth with budding opportunities and innovative ideas. Entrepreneurship has never seen such a peak before. Market zoomed with praise from every corner. People abroad were amazed to see such a turnaround suddenly. Statements emerged from nation after nation. After all those ups, market was bound to undergo the law of average.

And as unexpected, there was a sudden announcement...

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Hazirjawab takes a Giant Leap

Going down the memoir of the passing year, has stood up against all turmoil throughout by introducing itself and standing aside the stiff animosity from all corners. Market has seen all possible swings around even to the extent of currency demonetization however its model and services has been unique to be identified among the hordes with strong presence even in the competitive market conditions of the industry. It has not only introduced itself in the market but also maintained its place in the market and managed to climb the ladders by keeping pace with the trends of the industry. has come up with a boon for people with idle time, huge creativity, in-numerous ideas and big mouth to portray the feelings and sentiments...

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Smartness is not in appearance but in mindset

The whole nation is gripped in development wave with people often emphasizing smartness and digital as the words for new generation. If we need a mobile handset, we choose Smartphone with bulky features and heavy specifications as we do not want to lag behind our surrounding. It is more of a prestige issue rather than usability of the technology at its best after so much investment. Now people carry multiple sets with uncountable features and most of the time they are not even aware of the facilities inside any.  Are we adapting ourselves with the technology or the technology is overpowering us? We are so crazy for the latest release and update but we hardly update ourselves with their usability and benefits...

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New Features and Segments climbs yet another ladder of growth in the ever growing society. It homes innumerable features and services in segments you have always been longing for assistance and counseling which is a part of the consulting & counseling sector. Hazirjawab mirrors the dynamism and passion for growth that is required in this society even if you are not blessed with or inherited any lanky fortune. It is spread all over and its affable response to users and professionalism towards their approach makes it one of the fastest growing portals among the intellectual and quite noticeable in the consulting and counseling sectors., after its launch has come a long way and made its place in the market that is tough to replicate...

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Launch of an exclusive private & priority service has come up with a more personalized and private service for its users to enjoy fast, simple and comfortable service experience, at all times. With the advent of 3G services and the upcoming 4G network where each and every handset device is turning smart, this is the most convenient modes of contact for all and is serviced by trained professionals who ensure that you receive a quick and informed response always. This is an exclusive priority service where in you could trust and confine your heart with patient ear and get a parental tab of trust and assurance on your shoulder instantly with proven wisdom. To make the consulting and counseling services more convenient for you, we have exclusive relation team will service all your needs and emotional quench...

Read More launches live chat system has launched its live assistance service. It is another feather to its constant endeavor to evolve constantly to give you with more and more personalized services. Now users can start its online services to interact with the experts on real time basis wherein experts will be available with all sorts of consulting, counseling and solution to all your queries. Users can directly head to the portal anytime anywhere for expert advice and opinions. Personalized services always come with peace of mind and if the services come from experts, the satisfaction level is Jurassic.

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Received a call once again

Received a call once again as she was feeling guilty of her infidelity to me. As a matter of social prestige or rather to boost her social superiority and to show her busy for nothing attitude, she has even started a social therapy session where one just confesses all atrocity in front of a group of similar headless creatures and thinks that they are innocent now.

With no ignominy and my always innate approach, I listened on to whatever she wanted to burst, to blunt her guilt and then replied although I am not sure if that would have any impact on her grey matter-less thought.
It is good that you tried to get rid of your guilt feelings and I still feel astonished that you have been thinking so...

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Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO

“At the next evening post my B’Day last year, I called and asked her, “You did not wish me on my Birthday this time. Again missed?”
She replied, “When was your Birthday?”
I said, “It was yesterday.”
She replied, “OK, Happy Birthday. I remain too busy to remember all this. Talk to you later. Bye”
It felt so stern as if wishing was worse than climbing on the Everest in ice age. The cell has been disconnected and I kept on wondering. Is this the same person who could not even manage to withstand a minute without me? Perhaps, it was the end of the beginning. Year passed but the cell did not ring again. I pondered and pondered for the answer of why, why and why?”

Read More is Celebrating October as the Month of Learning is live for all as a consulting and counseling portal where expert advises and opinions are available of all sorts and at the same time the portal encourages every person to be an expert in his/her own area of interest and expertise. Personalized opinions and counseling from favorite available expert is just a click away. The portal takes care of all your concerns and worry so that you could have a calm and peaceful life.

The portal launches its personalized counseling segment in education through its experts who would be dedicatedly working for you in imparting their wisdom. You can reach with all your anxiety and they will get back to you with their best opinions. You can reach them on any topic of your choice and you will be there with a way out for sure.

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