New Year Wishes from a CEO – from the book “Life & Society”



Wish you and your associates A Very Warm and Prosperous Happy New Year!


On this auspicious occasion, I would like to wish each and every one of you a new beginning and zenith in your personal as well as professional aspirations. Going further, I take this opportunity to reflect on our past associations for a while before we step up into fresh beginning.


Our organization has been functional as a small unit with all ups and downs shared together, every moment enjoyed together and every wish cherished together. This bonding has surfaced us from all turmoil of whatever nature we have come across. Remembering and further cementing our associations, we must envision ourselves into a peak of our wish and endeavor to scale up our bar to such an extent that we become milestones for others. We should apprise, recognize and work in unison to aware every member of our team of the development and vision that we are going to put together for the progressive future collectively as a unit. I have also noticed that there is a clear big communication gap leading to misunderstanding in our small unit at times. My comments and suggestions are not taken coherently and rather everyone considers those as personal attack leading to a lot of confusion, heartbreak and unnecessary after talk or reaction or whatever. I always say away from such communication and whatever I communicate, it is meant just for the overall improvement as only then we can keep on moving up on the ‘S’ curve. It is paramount for each and every member of our team to be in synchronization of our vision and our business endeavor to maximize our productivity.


This unit is not something where we can work as individual and turn it into an ice breaker. It is a budding unit where everyone has to come to a single page and understand each other with clear motive and single goal. One thing we must understand is our limitations and resource crunch where we need urgent improvement. I very often go through a dried up resources which forces me to innovate and maneuver our business endeavor so as to come out of it but then unless we have common goal and aspiration everything will end up into void. Recently I have taken measures for improvement but every improvement is only as reflective as the intent of team behind.


Let’s welcome our new beginning with fresh zeal.


Warm Regards.

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