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New Year Wishes from a CEO – from the book “Life & Society”


Wish you and your associates A Very Warm and Prosperous Happy New Year!

On this auspicious occasion, I would like to wish each and every one of you a new beginning and zenith in your personal as well as professional aspirations. Going further, I take this opportunity to reflect on our past associations for a while before we step up into fresh beginning.

Our organization has been functional as a small unit with all ups and downs shared together, every moment enjoyed together and every wish cherished together. This bonding has surfaced us from all turmoil of whatever nature we have come across...

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Just a matter of banking on incorrect person – From the book, “Life and Society”

Today was again a regular day for me to begin with but proved to be a big eye opener at the end. I could not believe what my faults were but yes I was at the receiving end since it was I who made the choice. I had not shied away from working hard and working coherently but yes I found wanting when the chosen team was needed to deliver. Off course I was to be blamed for my choices. People at helm never see intellect, commitment, limitations or resource crunch but the performance and output. For them, everything can take a back stage but the front tier should be taken only by the performers and proven performers.

I was again asked the same question as what the status of the ongoing project was on which I had the same repeated response since I could not connect the team properly...

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The hazard of Immature Discussion

This is a good communication trail to portray how a communication turns into heated debate by missing certain facts and by biased opinion on general norms. The communication took place between clusters of school friends one of whom happen to serve the army who sent some patriotic quotes by army for others to read. The next message trails took place which is narrated exactly as mentioned below.

PV: भारत के थल सेनाध्यक्ष जनरल विपिन रावत ने चाहा है कि भारत का हर व्यक्ति भारतीय सेना के बारे में नीचे लिखे वाक्यों को अवश्य पढ़े। आपसे सादर आग्रह है कि कृपया इन अमूल्य ‘राष्ट्र रक्षा सूत्रों’ को विभिन्न माध्यमों से अधिक से अधिक देशवासियों तक पहुँचाने में सहयोग कीजिए...

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What an idea presentation it was?

It was a day of mixed fortune for me. I was confused between my state of celebration and setback. On one hand, I had opted to part away from my existing circle and on the other hand I have been assigned new and challenging job profile with significant hike in my profession and pocket. My colleagues insisted me to continue since the opportunity was highly lucrative at such a tender age of my career and beneath my heart, I had some faint urge to continue since I have been very used to the atmosphere and the team simply loved me like anything. I took a week off and went into my usual pensive mode. One day, my boss visited me at my residence and asked me to reconsider my decision...

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Maneuvered Through the Meanders

Today my thought maneuvered again to the once very busy path which led a beautiful stream and I could recollect the banks on both ways as if they had just been crossed. I pondered for a while to observer the wrinkling meanders. The banks have receded far beyond retracing with bushes and wild throng covering most of them as if there was not a trace of their earlier flow. The wild bushes have started flowering with white and yellow buds which were mostly covered with dusty spider nets. The splash of stream was still very audible but the visual charm has faded away. I went to the spot where we used to play hide and seek. Surface was still shallow with grown up grasses and too thick dried up bushes as if the bushes there have gone through many recycles...

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How advanced we are as a society?

India has seen a lot of upsurge in the name of digitization with people opting for smart hand held devices and wi-fi connectivity to showcase themselves as the acceptance and adaptation to the digital era. We, the poor Indian, fail to understand the very meaning of the word digitization. Our mindset is yet to develop further and our intelligence has mile to catch up to think beyond. We are still seeking solace in the virtual world. Social maturity and adaptation is far beyond our recognition. We often long in luxurious vehicles and we do not know how to drive in a single lane or we are unaware of the existence of any traffic sense. We live in a world of understanding where we only know traffic sense as street red light which we feel privileged to jump very often...

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Accidental Chance and Reaction

Life usually remains very hectic throughout the day and even if we need some groceries or vegetables, we prefer post office hour and a super-mall so that we might not have to spend much time looking for things here and there, from stores to stores and rather get everything a single store as we have to rush back to our home for other activities which definitely is not productive. We have grown so busy that we hardly make time for other social activities.

Same is the case with almost every metropolitan citizen who has plenty of time for television and smart phones but not a single minute for neighbors. As usual and being with mass culture, I too rushed to the super-mall on our way to home from office in order to finish off the routine purchase on the way...

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The legend of Being Aamir Khan

I have been very fascinated to shortcuts and easy solutions from my childhood. Most of the times, I used to make out my own ways of shortcuts. Slowly I learnt the art of being a good listener, recollecting facts and information, analyzing the facts to come up as close to the point in a factual and realistic manner as possible. Although it needed a lot of patience but the outcomes would generally be equally sweetest. The most satisfying ones are the associated influence that the efforts accompany with and make others appreciate the work. Gradually, I grew a fondness to the researched grey matter which might have one point for one but innumerable ones for others.

Indian film industry is the largest film industry in the world still it lacks freshness and innovations...

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Received a call once again

Received a call once again as she was feeling guilty of her infidelity to me. As a matter of social prestige or rather to boost her social superiority and to show her busy for nothing attitude, she has even started a social therapy session where one just confesses all atrocity in front of a group of similar headless creatures and thinks that they are innocent now.

With no ignominy and my always innate approach, I listened on to whatever she wanted to burst, to blunt her guilt and then replied although I am not sure if that would have any impact on her grey matter-less thought.
It is good that you tried to get rid of your guilt feelings and I still feel astonished that you have been thinking so...

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Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO

“At the next evening post my B’Day last year, I called and asked her, “You did not wish me on my Birthday this time. Again missed?”
She replied, “When was your Birthday?”
I said, “It was yesterday.”
She replied, “OK, Happy Birthday. I remain too busy to remember all this. Talk to you later. Bye”
It felt so stern as if wishing was worse than climbing on the Everest in ice age. The cell has been disconnected and I kept on wondering. Is this the same person who could not even manage to withstand a minute without me? Perhaps, it was the end of the beginning. Year passed but the cell did not ring again. I pondered and pondered for the answer of why, why and why?”

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