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Why HazirJawab?

When I was a kid at the age of mere two and half years old when I had barely started speaking, I was introduced to a private tutor to start learning. I could hardly remember anything except running between the main gate and my house gate which was separated by a distance of nearly fifty feet. (By the way, when I grew my senses, I used to leave in a government allotted quarter, as my father was a central government employee, which had big campus since it was the corner quarter and it was situated in the middle surrounded from all sides with open spaces and a big farm of more than an acre beside the quarter. There was a huge field outside to act as playground for all quarters which were surrounding the field)...

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The legend of Being Aamir Khan

I have been very fascinated to shortcuts and easy solutions from my childhood. Most of the times, I used to make out my own ways of shortcuts. Slowly I learnt the art of being a good listener, recollecting facts and information, analyzing the facts to come up as close to the point in a factual and realistic manner as possible. Although it needed a lot of patience but the outcomes would generally be equally sweetest. The most satisfying ones are the associated influence that the efforts accompany with and make others appreciate the work. Gradually, I grew a fondness to the researched grey matter which might have one point for one but innumerable ones for others.

Indian film industry is the largest film industry in the world still it lacks freshness and innovations...

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The real problem of plenty – Information

The more we get informed, the more we unearth the facts. However, most notable point to make is, do we have time for information assimilation or rather do we have intent to look after facts? Someway down the informatics graph, we very often realize that our problems are not what we have been longing the solutions for as it comes out to be a mere mirage where the more we look for solutions, the more problem keeps running away from our reach or rather the problem resurfaces with new challenges. On our endeavor to understand, ask questions on every possibility and analyze the facts and details, we very often witness that we have been chasing the wrong ones. This is where our most virtuous intellect turns into a fool’s paradise where solutions are in plenty but the real problems are in scarce...

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Sustaining the Market Turmoil

Indian economy has witnessed a steady pace with its GDP growth rate constantly progressing at healthy rate for a few years. Suddenly people opted for a change in Government which proved a master stroke as the GDP growth rate peaked. There were a motion of growth and progress everywhere. Government started promoting start ups and innovation by launching various schemes and facilities. Suddenly there was a revolution of growth with budding opportunities and innovative ideas. Entrepreneurship has never seen such a peak before. Market zoomed with praise from every corner. People abroad were amazed to see such a turnaround suddenly. Statements emerged from nation after nation. After all those ups, market was bound to undergo the law of average.

And as unexpected, there was a sudden announcement...

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New Features and Segments climbs yet another ladder of growth in the ever growing society. It homes innumerable features and services in segments you have always been longing for assistance and counseling which is a part of the consulting & counseling sector. Hazirjawab mirrors the dynamism and passion for growth that is required in this society even if you are not blessed with or inherited any lanky fortune. It is spread all over and its affable response to users and professionalism towards their approach makes it one of the fastest growing portals among the intellectual and quite noticeable in the consulting and counseling sectors., after its launch has come a long way and made its place in the market that is tough to replicate...

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Launch of an exclusive private & priority service has come up with a more personalized and private service for its users to enjoy fast, simple and comfortable service experience, at all times. With the advent of 3G services and the upcoming 4G network where each and every handset device is turning smart, this is the most convenient modes of contact for all and is serviced by trained professionals who ensure that you receive a quick and informed response always. This is an exclusive priority service where in you could trust and confine your heart with patient ear and get a parental tab of trust and assurance on your shoulder instantly with proven wisdom. To make the consulting and counseling services more convenient for you, we have exclusive relation team will service all your needs and emotional quench...

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Either you rule the world or get ready to be ruled

We people are too critics of a system running and to make the matter worse, we cannot see the system running by others and we will find everything faulty in that system. Is it jealousy or our incompetency to be at the other side of the table or we constantly try to prove our supremacy all over and make a superlative assertion of our competency before an assumed and self proclaimed inner self as if we are better than the best in the world. Perhaps, there could be scores of other way of looking at things but the centrifugal one is our work or rather mare assumption of doing a work in a certain way, even if it has nothing to do with facts and practicality, is the best and we are very proud of this dogma. Are we leaving in a world of mirage?

This is perhaps our penury that we grow up in an env...

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Consulting and Counseling Mobile App

HazirJawab puts a stepping stone in the segment of consulting and counseling with personalized experience. Now, one does not need to ponder over pretty matters and bang the heads rather can have expert opinion just at finger tap. HazirJawab is a single integrated platform to cater to all queries and concerns vide opinions and solutions from discrete quarters which will enable you to maximize your efficiency whether in personal capacity or in professional in any sort of planning and its execution. One doesn’t need to invest anything apart from free time wherein an alternate outlook always pops up.

HazirJawab is equally useful in personal capacity as well as any entity wise whether small or big wherein one can pass on their burden to the platform and take a deep breath...

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