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The legend of Being Aamir Khan

I have been very fascinated to shortcuts and easy solutions from my childhood. Most of the times, I used to make out my own ways of shortcuts. Slowly I learnt the art of being a good listener, recollecting facts and information, analyzing the facts to come up as close to the point in a factual and realistic manner as possible. Although it needed a lot of patience but the outcomes would generally be equally sweetest. The most satisfying ones are the associated influence that the efforts accompany with and make others appreciate the work. Gradually, I grew a fondness to the researched grey matter which might have one point for one but innumerable ones for others.

Indian film industry is the largest film industry in the world still it lacks freshness and innovations...

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The real problem of plenty – Information

The more we get informed, the more we unearth the facts. However, most notable point to make is, do we have time for information assimilation or rather do we have intent to look after facts? Someway down the informatics graph, we very often realize that our problems are not what we have been longing the solutions for as it comes out to be a mere mirage where the more we look for solutions, the more problem keeps running away from our reach or rather the problem resurfaces with new challenges. On our endeavor to understand, ask questions on every possibility and analyze the facts and details, we very often witness that we have been chasing the wrong ones. This is where our most virtuous intellect turns into a fool’s paradise where solutions are in plenty but the real problems are in scarce...

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Sustaining the Market Turmoil

Indian economy has witnessed a steady pace with its GDP growth rate constantly progressing at healthy rate for a few years. Suddenly people opted for a change in Government which proved a master stroke as the GDP growth rate peaked. There were a motion of growth and progress everywhere. Government started promoting start ups and innovation by launching various schemes and facilities. Suddenly there was a revolution of growth with budding opportunities and innovative ideas. Entrepreneurship has never seen such a peak before. Market zoomed with praise from every corner. People abroad were amazed to see such a turnaround suddenly. Statements emerged from nation after nation. After all those ups, market was bound to undergo the law of average.

And as unexpected, there was a sudden announcement...

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Smartness is not in appearance but in mindset

The whole nation is gripped in development wave with people often emphasizing smartness and digital as the words for new generation. If we need a mobile handset, we choose Smartphone with bulky features and heavy specifications as we do not want to lag behind our surrounding. It is more of a prestige issue rather than usability of the technology at its best after so much investment. Now people carry multiple sets with uncountable features and most of the time they are not even aware of the facilities inside any.  Are we adapting ourselves with the technology or the technology is overpowering us? We are so crazy for the latest release and update but we hardly update ourselves with their usability and benefits...

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The dearth of quality is hurting very badly

Every industry is surging to boom ahead but for the lack of quality in their segment, they are yet to catch up with the best in the business. A new and emerging venture with adventurous CEO who has great vision mobilizes the quality resources into their pool of talents leading the business to prosper with quality. However, most of the emerging industries are lacking quality in their talent pool which lead some to premature death while the others are plagued by slow or virtually no progress and even if they somehow manage progress, the dearth of quality is pegging them always.

Recently, I came across a colleague who was very extrovert and outspoken. She used to carry herself beautifully although the basic factor i.e...

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How much justified is the selective behavior shown by us?

Recently I had boarded Jet Airways flight 9W661 from Bangalore to Kolkota and GoAir flight G8/537 from Kolkota to Ahmedabad and incidentally found the entire ground staff and cabin crew to be very sincere with their work. They never offended anyone and were very helpful however, I found something anomaly. Their whole sincerity and care were jeopardized by simple error perhaps out of ignorance or general human tendencies which always goes unnoticed. I found the ground staff of both the places i.e., at Bangalore and Kolkota & Kolkota and Ahmedabad, and cabin crew very selective in their salutations and wishing to their guests. They were more courteous in their approach to some while very casual to others. The casual approach was definitely doing more bad than good...

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