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New Year Wishes from a CEO – from the book “Life & Society”


Wish you and your associates A Very Warm and Prosperous Happy New Year!

On this auspicious occasion, I would like to wish each and every one of you a new beginning and zenith in your personal as well as professional aspirations. Going further, I take this opportunity to reflect on our past associations for a while before we step up into fresh beginning.

Our organization has been functional as a small unit with all ups and downs shared together, every moment enjoyed together and every wish cherished together. This bonding has surfaced us from all turmoil of whatever nature we have come across...

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Sustaining the Market Turmoil

Indian economy has witnessed a steady pace with its GDP growth rate constantly progressing at healthy rate for a few years. Suddenly people opted for a change in Government which proved a master stroke as the GDP growth rate peaked. There were a motion of growth and progress everywhere. Government started promoting start ups and innovation by launching various schemes and facilities. Suddenly there was a revolution of growth with budding opportunities and innovative ideas. Entrepreneurship has never seen such a peak before. Market zoomed with praise from every corner. People abroad were amazed to see such a turnaround suddenly. Statements emerged from nation after nation. After all those ups, market was bound to undergo the law of average.

And as unexpected, there was a sudden announcement...

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The Challenge of Turning Dead Inventory into Cash

If you’re looking at a build up of dead inventory, and feel a little overwhelmed by the enormity of it, here are a few ideas to help you get started turning it into cash.

A recent conversation with a client reminded me of how much some small (and not-so-small) retailers struggle with dead inventory. My client related how, slowly, gradually, almost imperceptive over time, the percentage of dead inventory had grown. And as it was growing, the problem was thought to be modest, because the rate of growth appeared to be modest, so modest measures were taken to deal with it. An extra markdown here, a special promotion there, maybe a sidewalk sale, but still there seemed to be more of it this month than there was last...

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“Investment is not a rat race but a judicious approach of radical option to realistic solution.”

People flock to any and every post on social or professional media looking for new ventures and opportunities for investment. One can witness crowds rushing to any opportunity without knowing the ifs and buts of the opportunities stumbled upon. Only concern is the growth of the value rather than the financial security and investment vision. This leads to crashing of the opportunity through uncountable means and sometimes affecting the market as a whole.

Now the most important point to ponder is do we really need to be a part of the rat race. We could witness innumerable fluctuations in the market going around every hour these days everywhere to showcase such carelessness without approaching the right thoughtful solutions.

Need of the hour is judicious approach, careful thinking with clear ...

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