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The dearth of quality is hurting very badly

Every industry is surging to boom ahead but for the lack of quality in their segment, they are yet to catch up with the best in the business. A new and emerging venture with adventurous CEO who has great vision mobilizes the quality resources into their pool of talents leading the business to prosper with quality. However, most of the emerging industries are lacking quality in their talent pool which lead some to premature death while the others are plagued by slow or virtually no progress and even if they somehow manage progress, the dearth of quality is pegging them always.

Recently, I came across a colleague who was very extrovert and outspoken. She used to carry herself beautifully although the basic factor i.e...

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How much justified is the selective behavior shown by us?

Recently I had boarded Jet Airways flight 9W661 from Bangalore to Kolkota and GoAir flight G8/537 from Kolkota to Ahmedabad and incidentally found the entire ground staff and cabin crew to be very sincere with their work. They never offended anyone and were very helpful however, I found something anomaly. Their whole sincerity and care were jeopardized by simple error perhaps out of ignorance or general human tendencies which always goes unnoticed. I found the ground staff of both the places i.e., at Bangalore and Kolkota & Kolkota and Ahmedabad, and cabin crew very selective in their salutations and wishing to their guests. They were more courteous in their approach to some while very casual to others. The casual approach was definitely doing more bad than good...

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Best line by a sister, “My sister-in-law should be very beautiful. That’s all. I know that rest everything will be managed by my brother”.

Nation like ours gives us a feel and exposure of varied culture, different thinking, unique beliefs and most uniquely every belief has some meaning at one segment but extremely different at other. Whatever might be the difference of belief and opinions but the bond of blood relation is what distinguishes us and identifies us. Every now and then we could witness the strong affinity and affection. Perhaps, this is how our society is bound and held together.

Recently I have been to one of my pals place and was extremely touched by the sense of affection prevailing over there. I could see the siblings of the family very dedicated to each other. They could do anything for each other. There was no sense of you and I...

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Either you rule the world or get ready to be ruled

We people are too critics of a system running and to make the matter worse, we cannot see the system running by others and we will find everything faulty in that system. Is it jealousy or our incompetency to be at the other side of the table or we constantly try to prove our supremacy all over and make a superlative assertion of our competency before an assumed and self proclaimed inner self as if we are better than the best in the world. Perhaps, there could be scores of other way of looking at things but the centrifugal one is our work or rather mare assumption of doing a work in a certain way, even if it has nothing to do with facts and practicality, is the best and we are very proud of this dogma. Are we leaving in a world of mirage?

This is perhaps our penury that we grow up in an env...

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Bane of Unrealistic Opinion

One of my colleagues was having a very happy relationship when suddenly they faced same situation out of nothing and resulted in strained relationship which was so intense moments before. The couple was having very lovely moments around with hours on chatting and talking over the cell. Although there are various other negativity involved for long use of mobiles but that is immaterial now with the context and scope of this article. Coming back to the point, the couple was very happy and seemed too much involved although both the girl and the boy came from different origin, different background, different region, and different culture and were even different positioned...

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Side Effect of Heading to All Views

The most bizarre incident can be considered as this one. One of my dearest pals got married. They were having the happiest life possible. The house was visited very often by the relatives and friends. They were having a great time together. Suddenly one day, one of the relative of the boy suggested that things should be done this way and not that way. Since the boy had some respect for that person, he started pointing out the suggestions of the so called intruders of their happy life. Things started taking turn and they are separately living now. The thing is that we are too fond of giving suggestions and opinions to others that in the process we end up harming them very often. And most unfortunate is that we take pride in such things.

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Wrong Side of Influence

We are too tempted to outburst our opinion but very often we miss the core thing and that is to know the facts. Being factual always negates any unwanted impression of possible folly due to ignorance which we may not even be aware of since we have hardly bothered to get to the facts forget about further using our wit to analyses the facts and come to a more plausible wisdom. Is that what we call ourselves as the most important and intelligent person around or just a pretence of our portraying ourselves as the most intelligent or rather most informed person around so as to make our influence on the people around and superimpose our impression upon others or plain and simple old habit learned from old schools and following it proudly as if there is nothing else beneath the blue world...

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