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Social Change

Yesterday evening, I left my office very late for home with one of my colleagues. It was around mid night. We bid adieu to each other and separated in different directions for different locations. Hardly had I covered 800 meters when the rear wheel of my bike punctured. I was scared as it was almost 6 km still to be covered to reach my home and time was already not in my favor. I had to reach the office very early in the morning. I started pulling my bike in hope of some mechanic when I saw a repairing shop almost 500 meters away. I approached there which was just adjoining to a restaurant. Suddenly, a few young lads approached me for help. I was a bit surprised as I had not experienced such things before...

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The Challenge of Turning Dead Inventory into Cash

If you’re looking at a build up of dead inventory, and feel a little overwhelmed by the enormity of it, here are a few ideas to help you get started turning it into cash.

A recent conversation with a client reminded me of how much some small (and not-so-small) retailers struggle with dead inventory. My client related how, slowly, gradually, almost imperceptive over time, the percentage of dead inventory had grown. And as it was growing, the problem was thought to be modest, because the rate of growth appeared to be modest, so modest measures were taken to deal with it. An extra markdown here, a special promotion there, maybe a sidewalk sale, but still there seemed to be more of it this month than there was last...

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