Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO

“At the next evening post my B’Day last year, I called and asked her, “You did not wish me on my Birthday this time. Again missed?”
She replied, “When was your Birthday?”
I said, “It was yesterday.”
She replied, “OK, Happy Birthday. I remain too busy to remember all this. Talk to you later. Bye”
It felt so stern as if wishing was worse than climbing on the Everest in ice age. The cell has been disconnected and I kept on wondering. Is this the same person who could not even manage to withstand a minute without me? Perhaps, it was the end of the beginning. Year passed but the cell did not ring again. I pondered and pondered for the answer of why, why and why?”

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Hazirjawab.com is Celebrating October as the Month of Learning

HazirJawab.com is live for all as a consulting and counseling portal where expert advises and opinions are available of all sorts and at the same time the portal encourages every person to be an expert in his/her own area of interest and expertise. Personalized opinions and counseling from favorite available expert is just a click away. The portal takes care of all your concerns and worry so that you could have a calm and peaceful life.

The portal hazirjawab.com launches its personalized counseling segment in education through its experts who would be dedicatedly working for you in imparting their wisdom. You can reach with all your anxiety and they will get back to you with their best opinions. You can reach them on any topic of your choice and you will be there with a way out for sure.

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“Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society”

Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society” By DEO

How fool I have been to be fooled by someone whose disloyalty to the world was so apparent and yet I believed her with hope that I will meet with preferential and dedicated fate. Everyone used to utter senses which I considered as nonsense. I was the most intelligent and understanding person in this world. I only understood the life and person and others were simply ignorant of truth and even if they knew they did not have common sense to understand the way I have been looking at the things. My mom always used to say that nature and signature of a person never changes. Perhaps, we get so obsessed by our belief that we tend to give a pervasive action for everything beneath the blue world.

Sometimes the vi...

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Extract from the book “Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society By DEO

I can never misunderstand you. I even did not misunderstand you when people used to blabber anything against you like your habit of playing with hearts and enjoying yourself. I always believed you and respected you the way I have been doing it when I first met you or when you first proposed me. You have always been someone very special to me and you will always remain so. It is just that we came to such juncture of life with reasons, perhaps I will never make out in my life.

As far as my life is concerned, I have told you many times that I am not someone who does anything superficially. I do everything from the bottom of my heart. In this case, I have already gone too far...

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Banks and other financial institutes are not for poor although they spend hefty in showcasing themselves as the most caring. If you are jobless and somehow you own an account, bank charges monthly fine which is huge sometimes more than Rs 600 per month and the poor chap when fails to maintain the minimum bank balance in his account prefers to keep the account dormant as if he could not maintain the minimum balance how could he pay the fine which many times accumulate to thousands of rupees. You cannot even close that account as you have to pay the fines then. Is it a result of bad loan or bad policy are we superficially projecting ourselves at par with the west ignoring the fact that majority of us still long hard for daily bread? Our great banking system!

If you share good rapport with ...

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“Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society“

Extract from the book Life & Society – A Different Perspective to Society By DEO

I do not know what you have been thinking all these days about me or our association but let me tell you my side of the story. Unless I am clear here, I do not think you will be able to get my point. Perhaps, you will understand as I am being very straight and honest. It is up to you whether you take it sportingly.

Since our college days, we have been very close and in regular conversation. I do not shy away from the fact that I was not on the brighter side of academics then but still we lived together. Past college days, we continued to communicate in the same zeal which turned out to somehow match our common goal...

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The dearth of quality is hurting very badly

Every industry is surging to boom ahead but for the lack of quality in their segment, they are yet to catch up with the best in the business. A new and emerging venture with adventurous CEO who has great vision mobilizes the quality resources into their pool of talents leading the business to prosper with quality. However, most of the emerging industries are lacking quality in their talent pool which lead some to premature death while the others are plagued by slow or virtually no progress and even if they somehow manage progress, the dearth of quality is pegging them always.

Recently, I came across a colleague who was very extrovert and outspoken. She used to carry herself beautifully although the basic factor i.e...

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How much justified is the selective behavior shown by us?

Recently I had boarded Jet Airways flight 9W661 from Bangalore to Kolkota and GoAir flight G8/537 from Kolkota to Ahmedabad and incidentally found the entire ground staff and cabin crew to be very sincere with their work. They never offended anyone and were very helpful however, I found something anomaly. Their whole sincerity and care were jeopardized by simple error perhaps out of ignorance or general human tendencies which always goes unnoticed. I found the ground staff of both the places i.e., at Bangalore and Kolkota & Kolkota and Ahmedabad, and cabin crew very selective in their salutations and wishing to their guests. They were more courteous in their approach to some while very casual to others. The casual approach was definitely doing more bad than good...

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Best line by a sister, “My sister-in-law should be very beautiful. That’s all. I know that rest everything will be managed by my brother”.

Nation like ours gives us a feel and exposure of varied culture, different thinking, unique beliefs and most uniquely every belief has some meaning at one segment but extremely different at other. Whatever might be the difference of belief and opinions but the bond of blood relation is what distinguishes us and identifies us. Every now and then we could witness the strong affinity and affection. Perhaps, this is how our society is bound and held together.

Recently I have been to one of my pals place and was extremely touched by the sense of affection prevailing over there. I could see the siblings of the family very dedicated to each other. They could do anything for each other. There was no sense of you and I...

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Either you rule the world or get ready to be ruled

We people are too critics of a system running and to make the matter worse, we cannot see the system running by others and we will find everything faulty in that system. Is it jealousy or our incompetency to be at the other side of the table or we constantly try to prove our supremacy all over and make a superlative assertion of our competency before an assumed and self proclaimed inner self as if we are better than the best in the world. Perhaps, there could be scores of other way of looking at things but the centrifugal one is our work or rather mare assumption of doing a work in a certain way, even if it has nothing to do with facts and practicality, is the best and we are very proud of this dogma. Are we leaving in a world of mirage?

This is perhaps our penury that we grow up in an env...

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